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Domestic logistics
Domestic logistics

Our company's domestic logistics mainly aims at the transportation logistics with large equipment in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries as the main body. Relying on its own vehicles and transportation advantages in inland rivers, the Yangtze River and offshore, we contract project logistics. Realize door-to-door logistics service from the equipment manufacturer to the construction site.

International logistics
International logistics

The international logistics projects we undertake are mainly based on the cement production lines, building materials, power stations (plants), minerals and energy projects invested by domestic enterprises abroad, as well as the logistics transportation of international dry bulk goods to China. Rely on the international routes of its own ships to provide customers with DtoD whole process logistics services.


Founded in 2000, Shanghai Huaji International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional project logistics enterprise based on the concept of third-party logistics. It is mainly engaged in the transportation of out of gauge equipment, loading and unloading, container transportation, international and domestic logistics of bulk goods, freight forwarding, and has the waterway transportation license, the national second level enterprise qualification of cargo road transportation, and the fourth level qualification of large cargo transportation (the highest level in the country). It has the service functions of project logistics, technical proposal consulting, freight forwarding, ship transportation and warehousing, distribution terminal, insurance, etc., and can provide excellent all-round services for customers with different needs.

At present, the company owns Huaji No. 2, Huaji No. 6 and other ships, operates multiple routes in coastal and Southeast Asian countries and regions, owns and controls various types of ships with a transport capacity of more than 300000 tons, and its shipping business includes: ship management, dry bulk cargo transport, container transport, ro ro shipping, etc., which can realize the whole ocean, coastal, Yangtze River and inland river logistics services. At the same time, the company introduced 36 axis hydraulic flat cars and 22 axis Wanshan hydraulic flat cars produced by SCHEUERLE Special Vehicles Co., Ltd. With a total carrying capacity of 1700 tons, it can realize combined splicing, automatic lifting and 58 axis self-propelled flatbed trucks. It has four 350 horsepower to 1000 horsepower tractors such as "Benz", "Volvo" and "Nicholas", and seven Steyr tractors. Gooseneck, concave plate, frame beam and other transportation tools are all supporting equipment of hydraulic flat car. In addition, the company has more than 14 sets of various types of equipment, such as 200 tons of German Liebherr truck crane, 200 tons of electric hydraulic jacking, and 50 tons of horizontal propulsion, which can meet the service requirements for hoisting and transportation of chemical, electric, metallurgical, port, railway, bridge, highway and other engineering projects.

The company has more than 180 employees and 84 professional technicians. Among them, there are 6 senior engineers, 3 senior economists, 2 certified public accountants and 2 senior logistics engineers. Our main business leaders benefit from long-term comprehensive business experience, which has accumulated considerable experience in the complex and diverse multimodal transportation of bulk and miscellaneous goods. Our large-scale equipment transportation mainly focuses on building materials, petroleum and petrochemical equipment, metallurgy, steel and other materials, with diversified transportation modes. For example: Sinopec Yangzi BASF Project; Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel Shield Transportation Project; Sinoma International Saudi Arabia YCC cement production line project, etc., is mainly transported by water, automobile, and railway. It can provide targeted logistics services for various types of miscellaneous goods, including handling the receiving of goods at the port warehouse stack/railway less than truckload transit hub, arranging loading and unloading, sorting and packaging, printing shipping marks, preparing documents on behalf of others, port/railway planning declaration, container assembly and unpacking or unpacking at the place of departure and at the place of transit The unloading port and its extension to the inland receiving place, supervision of loading and unloading, handling of transportation insurance and other services. At the same time, our company has set up branches and offices in Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Yichang, Zhangjiagang and other major cities in China, truly realizing intensive management and networking cooperation to ensure our service quality.

The company has offices and agencies in North America, Europe, the Mediterranean region, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia.

In 2003, our company has passed the ISO9001: 2000 standard quality management system certification.

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